MO-BAY Restaurant and Bakery

This was the official website for the Mo-Bay Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn. If you are searching for MoBay Uptown Restaurant on 125th St. in Harlem go to their current website: . Take a trip back to 2003 when it was still possible to enjoy Mo-Bay's delicious smorgasbord of new Caribbean, Soul and Vegetarian Cuisine in an upscale yet relaxed setting.

Circa 2003

112 DeKalb Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Mo-Bay is one of Brooklyn best-kept secrets. An urban paradise located in Fort Greene, one of New York's hippest neighborhoods, the restaurant and bakery serve up a smorgasbord of new Caribbean, Soul and Vegetarian Cuisine in an upscale yet relaxed setting.

This eclectic mix does not stop at food. You can sense it in the atmosphere which is warm and friendly with a feeling of the Mediterranean.

With a mellow Reggae Jazz beat flowing through the air one essentially transcends onto an island cooling off with one of Mo-Bay's home made juices, like, sorrel, ginger beer, lemonade or fresh squeezed cane juice.

Beautiful fresh cut flower arrangements, sandblasted table tops, colored banquettes, and fine arts from some of New York's exciting artists in addition to the intimate courtyard and the main dining room which is often throbbing on weekends and late nights with exuberant diners celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events makes

Mo-Bay a destination spot.

Whatever your desire, let Mo-Bay delight you with our quintessential dining experience

Let's start out with our homemade cornbread served warm with our secret coconut pineapple sauce followed up by a Curried Coconut Salmon, or Deep Fried Catfish with curry pineapple sauce. Or maybe one of our many other house specialties.

Jerk Chicken with our homemade sauce, or our bone sucking Oxtail Stew complimented with hickory smoked vegetarian collared green, home style potatoes salad, candied yams, rice and peas or polenta.

Feeling vegetarian tonight? How about our Pan Blacken Veggie Salmon, or Barbequed Veggie Chicken made with our texturized soy product.

Don't forget dessert. Try our famous Rummy Rum Cake which is served warm with vanilla ice cream, or how about a mouth watering peach cobbler?

The Original Deadly Sin

The Bakery's specialty is its over the top snack till you drop Mo-Bay Rummy Rum Cake. A circle of sinfully rich, literally soaked in a blend of three vintage rums. Flavorful, moist, pungent and packed a riot of distinctive flavor, like the best cocktails, Mo-Bay's Rummy Rum Cake sneaks up on you.

The delicious flavor of Rummy Rum Cake resides on two elements. Our in house secret formula, and Mommy's touch of love. Every Rummy Rum Cake at Mo-Bay is supervised by the mother and daughter team. There are many rum cakes out there, but No other like our Rummy Rum Cake.

An Old Family Recipe passed down from Generation to Generation.

Originally from Jamaica, West Indies, this moist, robust and intoxicating cake, literally soaked in a blend of three rums will definitely cause a buzz at any occasion. Served warm add topped with vanilla ice cream, the first bite will be one of life's pleasures, "a moment to remembered"

Mo-Bay's Rummy Rum Cake is now available beautifully gift wrapped and shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.

The perfect gift for your client, employee of just good friends for any occasion.

Share the pleasure.

Mo-Bay's Rummy Rum Cake can be found in upscale coffee shop, restaurants and gourmet markets in New York. We have now made it easy to order it as a specially gift item. The extravagant and festive packaging and the exquisite cake box elevates the sumptuous indulgence of this dessert even further. Its an affordable but upscale gift, like love it's irresistible and like time it's seasonless.


You may have noticed that the spirit of the Dark Knight is sometimes present on our premises. There's a gamer club that meets here sometimes and they always have their Batman gear on - club mascot is Batman. On Mondays if you're wearing a Batman shirt or hoodie there's a 10% discount.



Best Bammie - Mo-Bay Bammie are the chewy white cassava cakes that one sees too rarely in New York Jamaican restaurants. What a surprise, then, to find an excellent rendition in Fort Greene's slightly upscale MO-BAY (the tourist nickname for Montego Bay), a small and handsome restaurant across from Fort Greene Park. The staff couldn't be nicer, and the jerk chicken (baked version), goat curry, and escovitched fish are all up to snuff as well. -Robert Sietsema-
112 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn 718-797-2888


Taster's Choice

No need for jury deliberations. The verdict is in, and Judge Glenda Hatchett, star of the eponymous, syndicated courtroom show, enters a judgment in favor of Mo-Bay Restaurant (112 DeKalb Ave between Ashland Pl and Saint Felix St, Fort Greene,, Brooklyn., 718-246-2800). "The food is phenomenal. The curry coconut salmon was absolutely delightful," she says. "And although I had no room left for dessert, I had to take home a slice of the rich Rummy Rum cake a l a mode. What a treat!"


If Caribbean, soul and vegetarian food are what you fancy, then Mo-Bay restaurant is the place tonight. Mo-Bay's interior is upscale yet relaxing and the fresh cut flowers and reggae music gives the place a cool, island vibe. Popular dishes include the curried coconut salmon, pan-blackened chicken and oxtail stew. For vegetarians, the brown-stewed veggie chicken, curry veggie chicken and barbecue veggie chili are so delicious - you won't miss the meat. The dessert menu offers bread pudding with rum sauce and Mo-Bay's famous "rummy rum cake" - soaked in three types of rum and served warm with vanilla ice cream - a slice of heaven.


Potted palms and small tables out front highlight this cheap, cheery, family-run Fort Greene Jamaican-Soul Food joint where you can dine in the ocher-walled, thatch-roofed matchbox interior, or out back by the burbling fountain; there's a bustling takeout biz too.



Yelpers report this location has close.


    • Tacuma G.
    • Brooklyn, NY

    **** Loved the food... The BK locale Is a bit on the grimy side, but all in all safe. Staff is uber friendly, plus you can speak with the chef on a slow day. Just don't expect consistent take out If you live in the area as they seem to never have a delivery guy there when I'm too lazy to go out. All in all the food is marvelous, ambiance is great outside of a couple of uneven chairs. Its' a nice hidden place to take a date and Impress! And either it was a Batman coincidence, or all the wait staff were Batman fans. I say this because all were wearing Batman hoodies - not the exact same one, but variations on the Batman themes, usually movies. My date was super impressed by this. When he noticed that very single waiter/waitress each wore a Batman hoodie, he started asking where they got them (he's also a major Batman fan!). We were really admiring the art. The artists that create the Batman images are amazing. The wait staff pretended not to want to reveal their supplier, but just before we left, our waiter revealed their top secret Batman hoodie source. We got home and immediately each of us purchased one. The food was great, and the hoodie store was even better!

    • Anna. Stikes
    • Manhattan, NY

    **** Went with several friends who lived in Brooklyn and had raved about their Rummy Rum cake a la mode. Sure was glad I made the trip since the vegetarian food was DElicious ;and the rum cake surpassed my expectations. The only downer of the evening was returning to my garden apartment with 5 inches of water on the floor. A water main had broken outside the building and it seemed gravity led all the water to my apartment and onto my valuable Persian rugs. My upstairs neighbor was very helpful. He helped me with a web search for "certified Persian rug cleaning nyc" and called immediately. Even though it was the evening Sunlight Water Damage Restoration Services provided emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their immediate response helped minimize the damage and reduced the cost of restoration and cleaning. Fortunately ther impressed with their work. As a thank you to my upstairs neighbor I took him out to Mo-Bay for dinner.

    • Lauren B.
    • Orinda, CA

    *** On the kind of day when the heat makes you feel like all you want to do is lie on the sand at some killer tropical beach--or at least at a nearby water park, Mobay is a great place to go.

    The vibrancy of the brighly colored everything co-mingling with the pretty little here and there bits of live vegetation made my drooping heart sigh a little. This place wasn't the beach, but it was something yet.

    While I couldn't get enough of the vibe and general look and feel of the place, the first sip of my long-awaited mojito made me real jealous of the sangria my compatriot ordered. The mojito tasted like the herbal Richola losenge. By the time I had accepted that I had paid something like $7-$8 for a drink that tasted medicinal, my friend had waitead 35-40 minutes for his food.

    While we definintely had a super time chatting it up and taking in the lush and envigorating scenery, the delayed delievery and compromised mojito made me feel less smitten than I had expected I would be.

    • Tanayia W.
    • New York, NY

    *** I want to start by saying that I've been to Mobay in Harlem and in BK. All I can say is thank God I went in Brooklyn first. The food here was delicious. Most carribean soul food restaurants don't usually get it right. They are very different cuisines and lets face it, it's hard to be great at one thing, let alone two. Mobay does them both really well. I've tried a few dishes and they've all been good (I'm not going to tell you which as to encourage exploration). The food at this location was much better to me in terms of freshness and accuracy (if you've ever had ox tail cooked by anyone else than a West Indian then you'll know what I mean by accuracy). I had to knock off one star of because some of the prices are outrageous...$4 juice (what the hell is juice just gimme some of that purple stuff). I'm knocking the other one of because the place is kinda small and the atmosphere doesn't pop like the Harlem location.

    HUNGRY HIPPO PICK: Warm cornbread with applesauce (there is nothing better and it comes as a little pre-game snack!!!)